Connecting & Visualising discipline–(to)–career dots.

What would it look like if you could trace what people studied in school and the jobs, professions they end up doing?
Leveraging data and design, we are attempting to show the possibilities that exist via various career paths.

Think about it for a minute,
If you knew what job roles you could occupy, limitless professions and fields you could play in, the various career paths that exists/existed, wouldn’t you have made good choices, faster?

We want students and fresh grads to be able to quickly see what they could possibly venture into, that’s why this research survey is crucial to us.

If you graduated 3 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago and even more, help make it possible for future grads to map out career possibilities by sharing where you’ve been or where you are now professionally, in this very short survey form.

What will the end result of this be?
A visual map of career possibilities and job roles for students/fresh grads to explore, from past grads.

Don’t leave this page without filling the survey form. 😉